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    Ilaji Sports Resort

    We Make History

    Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort is an hospitality cum sporting facility outfit. The idea is to give prospective customers the A-Z package of recreation experience. In a bid to actualize our corporate vision of nurturing sporting talents to stardom, the management of Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort has decided to make sports a strategic business unit of our organization.

    With this development, sports ceased to be a means of satisfying guest’s recreation experience only but a business unit with its own corporate paraphernalia.

    With that in mind, we have embarked upon heavy investment in sporting infrastructure knowing full well that attempting to produce or nurture world class sporting talents without the right investment in infrastructure will be tantamount to building a castle in the air.

    Ilaji Sports has array of sporting facilities which include; football stadium, well equipped gym, swimming pool, mini golf course, tennis, volleyball, basketball and handball Court. To make the best use of these facilities, the management has established football academy and football club. While the football academy is for under-aged footballers, the football club is mainly for professional football players, players who have been well groomed and are ready-made for overseas club.

    Having realised that heavy investment in sporting infrastructure alone will likely not take the talents so produced to the global stage, we therefore went into strategic alliances with top European clubs, firstly SWIEQI FC United and now Malaga C.F., Spain.

    Going by the partnership arrangements we have with these two clubs, we have created reliable paths for our nurtured football talents to ply their skills in Europe.



    To be a leading hospitality and entertainment outfit in Nigeria and Africa as a whole through the provision of consistent classy services and activities to our esteemed guests; and to be a viable platform for the discovery and nurturing of sporting talents to stardom.

    Our sporting activities are divided into three areas


    Football & Mini Golf Course (covered with Astroturf)

    Outdoor (Court) Games

    Handball, Volley ball, Basketball & Tennis

    Indoor Games

    Table Tennis & Billiards